Month: April 2020

Hunter News Now students learn about crisis reporting and polling

Former CNN reporter Mary Snow Zoom Conference Image

Former CNN reporter Mary Snow taught Hunter News Now students an important lesson about a journalist’s job during an emergency: report on what you know. “Your job is to get the facts out without adding to the sense of panic,” said Snow, who was a CNN correspondent for 11 years. “Do not report anything you are not 100 percent sure of.”

Snow told students that lesson has always served her well, especially when making split-second decisions before going on air. That’s precisely what happened just before a live shot in Newtown, Conn. in 2012 after a school shooting left 26 dead. Reporters heard an early report of the gunman’s name, but since Snow could not verify it, she did not mention it in her update. In fact, the name was wrong—the one that was circulating was the gunman’s brother. “There’s a huge potential for misinformation in these situations.. and so much pressure to get the story first, but accuracy always trumps speed,” Snow said.

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FM student Colleen Digney wins Pulitzer Grant

Colleen Digney's portrait

Journalism student Colleen Digney has been awarded the Pulitzer Center’s International Reporting Fellowship. Colleen will receive a grant to travel to Vietnam to report and produce a story about a humanitarian group that is removing landmines left over from the Vietnam War and then reclaiming the land to then build schools and libraries. You can read more about Colleen’s project on the Journalism Program website. Congratulations Colleen!

Call for submissions

Integrated Channels Show
The first Integrated Channels opening, July 2019.

IMA alum, Cait Carvalho is coordinating the second IMA Integrated Channels exhibition at IFP Media Center this July!   If social distancing prevents us from mounting a physical exhibition at 30 John Street in DUMBO Brooklyn, we will create an online showcase.  

Students, alumni and faculty are encouraged to submit proposals for time based media, interactive web, installations, and performance work. Include a plan for how you would convert your project into an online presentation if the show cannot be exhibited in the Media Center space in July.  You can submit up to 2 project proposals for consideration. 

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