Month: February 2019

FM student Jules Rico receives Presidential Award at graduation

President Raab and JulesRico
President Raab with FM student Jules Rico

Congrats to Film & Media student Jules Rico! Jules received the Presidential Award at graduation.

Jules Rico is a graduate of Hunter College where she majored in Documentary/ TV Production and Women/Gender Studies. While her time at Hunter Jules created and hosted the popular radio show Rainbow Notes NYC, and has showcased her photography at a number of independent exhibitions including Strictly New York. Additionally, Jules worked on the Apollo Theater documentary as an archival post-production intern for Roger Ross Williams Productions. Other collaborations include a number of independent, films such as “Gabrielle”, “Serial Killer In Harlem” and award-winning “Nevertheless, She Auditioned”.

CNN Talent Coach Comes to Hunter

HNN crew

CNN Talent Coach Lenny Bourin has been called a Svengali by senior management in the news business for his abilities to help anchors and reporters be their best on camera. His techniques were on full display last Wednesday when he came to visit Professor Sissel McCarthy’s Studio News Production class. Bourin told students sitting in the anchor chair for the first time to think of themselves as pilots. “You’re the voice from the cockpit… and the most important thing is to be authoritative and conversational at the same time,” said Bourin, an award winning journalist who spent most of his career as a producer at ABC News.

CNN Talent Coach Lenny Bourin