Month: October 2018

Prof. McCarthy’s news video students are camera ready!

covergirl glam class picProfessor McCarthy’s news video students are camera ready thanks to a make lesson from Glam Squad make up artist Nick Scalzo. Scalzo explained to students that high definition cameras are designed to show detail, including every blemish, wrinkle and scar, but that the right kind of makeup can conceal these imperfections and enhance your look.

Scalzo came to class armed with a whole tool kit of brushes, moisturizers and makeup to teach students how to apply high definition makeup that diffuses light. Read More

Prof. Andrew Demirjian’s album and book

Andrew book coverProf. Andrew Demirjian’s album and book pan-terrestrial people’s anthem was released by Contour Editions.

The music is all streamable and downloadable from the site above. There are also 7 videos that go with the music, 4 are VR/ambisonic audio mixes. The book is available from Contour Editions or it is at Amazon plus other book stores.

pan-terrestrial people’s anthem is a series of compositions and a book of poetry created entirely from remixing the songs and lyrics of 195 national anthems. The music is constructed from sampling fragments of all anthems to build up an assemblage of sonic layers that transcend established geopolitical boundaries.

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