Month: April 2016

Profs. Kelly Anderson, Marty Lucas, and Mick Hurbis-Cherrier’s book

Cover of the text book Documentary Voice and VisionCongrats to Profs. Kelly Anderson, Marty Lucas, and Mick Hurbis-Cherrier’s on their new book! The publication of their documentary filmmaking textbook Documentary Voice & Vision: A Creative Approach to Non-Fiction Media Production (Focal Press, 2016).

Documentary Voice & Vision is designed to give introductory and intermediate students a comprehensive look at the art, craft, technology, and process of non-fiction filmmaking. This book touches on just about every aspect of this field, including: story ideation and development; fundraising strategies; essential cinematic concepts and language; production technologies, protocols, and safety; visual and audio aesthetics; documentary genres and ethics, post-production concepts, workflow and best practices.


IMA alumna Laurie Sumiye featured in Forbes & NYT

IMA alumna Laurie Sumiye’s short film OF MEMORY & LOS SURES co-directed with Andrew Parsons while they were fellows at UnionDocs will be screening with Diego Echerrevia’s seminal 1984 documentary LOS SURES at the Metrograph playing through April 21. OF MEMORY & LOS SURES was inspired by this film about South Williamsburg. View this newly restored 16mm film print at this beautiful brand new venue!

Here’s a review from The New York Times.
Another review on Forbes written by our own journalism instructor David Alm.