Month: February 2014

IMA student Seyi Adebanjo to present short film at BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and NYU

IMA student, Seyi Adebanjo will be showing her short film, Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles at two different events. It is a documentary about a community vigil for Islan Nettles, a victim of hate crimes.

She will be presenting the short at NYU for a IAAA-NYU semester-long series called,” Brother to Brother, Sister to Sister,” a series celebrating the works of LGBT artists. Series will consist of lectures, poetry and film screenings with key figures, as well as emerging stars, of the LGBT intelligentsia. Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles will be screened on March 12 at NYU at 6 p.m.

Adebanjo will also be presenting at the BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on March 26.

“The Cost of Fashion” projected at Lincoln Center

IMA students Nathan Fitch, Tennesse Watson, alum Grayson Earle and FM student Jesse Reyes projected the Rana Plaza’s collapse upon one of the walls of the Lincoln Center during Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week Poster

The Rana Plaza was a clothing factory that collapsed in Bangladesh killing thousands of workers and leaving many others injured. Protests began when stores like Walmart, JCPenney and Mango have failed to compensate the victims of the disaster.
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