Month: February 2013

Prof. Tami Gold and IMA student David Pavlosky’s screenings

Passionate Politics: The Life and Work of Charlotte Bunch will screen in New York City to celebrate International Women’s Month

JOYCE WARSHOW FILMS is proud to announce the screenings of the highly-acclaimed documentary Passionate Politics: The Life and Work of Charlotte Bunch at GMHC and Two Moon Art House and Cafe for International Women’s Month.


IMA alum Hector Canonge’s live performance

Grace Exhibition Space is pleased to present MY FIRST MEAL WITH YOU IN NYC, a live performance by artist Hector Canonge. The durational work marks Canonge’s return to the United States after his seven month journey through various regions in South America. The artist’s actions will intervene the well known Brooklyn space for a period of 4 hours this Saturday, February 9th, starting at 3 pm. The public is invited to to bring typical dishes, delicacies, and popular food that best reflect contemporary American culture. All offerings will be incorporated in the performance. Audience members are invited to participate in the transformation of food as a trigger for memories and new sensations.
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