Month: March 2012

Film & Media students win Best Drama

Film & Media students win Best Drama for their movie “Onomatopoeia” in Campus Movie Fest:

Angie Hossain (director and writer)
Molly McGaughey (dp)
Asa Westcott (editor & sound)
Michael Leone (art design)
Jaime Quiñones (actor)
Jhoanna Herrera (actor)

IMA alumna Julia Haslett’s screening

A documentary Julia Haslett’s worked on while in the IMA program is showing at Quad Cinema.

AN ENCOUNTER WITH SIMONE WEIL tells the story of French thinker, labor activist, and mystic, Simone Weil (1909-1943)––a young woman willing to die for her convictions. Told in a personal essay style, the film connects Weil’s ideas about social justice and the horrors of militarism to the present day. She was an extraordinary woman who has been championed by the likes of Albert Camus and Susan Sontag, and, most recently, Michael Moore who gave the film an award this year at the Traverse City Film Festival. Here’s his description:

“Julia Haslett has made a profound and moving film on a woman who continues to speak to all of us. Few Americans know of Simone Weil, but this deeply affecting documentary will make you want to know more. AN ENCOUNTER WITH SIMONE WEIL challenges all of us not to look the other way when we see the suffering of others. Julia’s personal journey through the film is both heartbreaking and inspiring.”

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