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Graduating with Honors for Film and Media Majors

Graduating with honors makes it possible for the College to give public recognition to Film and Media majors who have demonstrated exceptional academic and creative performance. In order to graduate with honors, students will need to receive a grade of A (A minus is unacceptable) in one of the following:

1- FILM/MEDIA 402 Honors Project. If you have an interest in a specific area in film or media, and feel that you can develop that interest further, you may take the opportunity to complete an honors project. Such projects may include: an in-depth research paper on a topic relevant to film or media studies; an extended journalistic project; a work of emerging media; a screenplay that can only be written outside of the framework of pre-existent screenwriting courses in the department. This project, from the writing of the proposal to the completion of the entire project, is one that involves a solid year of commitment from students. It should not be casually undertaken nor should any material be written and submitted at the last minute.


A copy of your completed project and signed by the advisor must be filed with the Policy and Curriculum Committee by the end of the semester or honors status will not be granted. It should be left in the mailbox of the Curriculum Committee Chair.

2-FILMP 451/MEDP 401.75 Film & Video Production Seminar (two semesters, via application available on the web and in the department office). Students must take both semesters of this course and receive an A in both in order to graduate with honors. One semester projects are not eligible. Note: Students who do not otherwise qualify for honors may still take this course as a capstone rather than as one for honors.

3-FILM/MEDIA 499 Film and Video Seminar (Analytical, via application to the instructor of the course). This intensive film or media studies seminar (one semester long) is for the pursuit of more rigorous academic and scholarly work. Course only offered periodically. Please check the schedule for availability.