Želimir Žilnik Screening and Workshop

On Monday October 28th from 6:30-9:00PM, Želmir Žilnik will host a free screening and workshop. It will be open to IMA students in Hunter North 502 (space is limited).

Since 1997 Žilnik has taught workshops for film students around the world. His unusual working style often uses a combination of making a documentary as research and using the results to create his own version of ‘docu-drama’.

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Žilnik is a key Serbian film director and one of the major figures of the Yugoslav Black Wave. Žilnik was born in a concentration camp in 1942; his parents, members of the anti-Nazi resistance, were both killed during the war. He is noted for his socially engaging style and for his criticism of the censorship commonplace during the Yugoslav Communist era. His work includes over 50 films focussed on contemporary social issues,from A Newsreel on Village Youth in Winter (1967), The Unemployed (1968) and June Turmoil (1969), Black Film (1971) and Uprising in Jazak (1973) to his more recent work examining the breakdown of Yugoslavia.

Uprising in Jazak (18 min, Yugoslavia, 1973)
Kenedi Goes Back Home (75 min, Serbia and Montenegro, 2003)
Fortress Europe (80 min, Slovenia, 2000)

Uprising In Jazak
People from the village of Jazak in Fruška Gora Mountain show how they fought undercover against the Nazi occupation forces during the WWII. They speak about the dramatic events – of how they helped to hide partisans and how young people joined the resistance.

Kenedi Goes Back Home
This film looks at the repatriation of refugees from the breakup of Yugoslavia as they are forced out of Western Europe, following the fates of the story of two friends, Kenedi and Denis, and the Ibinci, a Roma family, during the first couple of days after they return.

Fortress Europe
This docu-drama was shot in the border regions between Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia at the south-eastern edge of the EU. The plot spins around a Russian family – Svetlana, living in Trieste with her friends, is waiting for her daughter Katja’s arrival. Katja is escorted by Svetlana’s former husband Artjom. But during their travels the two find themselves in a strange country without documents.

Date: Thursday, Oct 31st. Start Time 9AM

Zilnik will work with a group of a half-dozen IMA students in a special workshop. The goal is to create a spontaneous documentary. Interested students should contact Prof. Marty Lucas.

Zelimir is also appearing at the Flaherty Seminars, The Permanent Dissident: Zelimir Zilnik
Tuesday, October 29, 7:00pm @ Anthology Film Archives