News Literacy students visit Bloomberg’s headquarters

class visit to BloombergProf. Sissel McCarthy’s Macaulay Honors News Literacy students checked out Bloomberg’s headquarters just down the road at 58th Street and Lexington Avenue last week, thanks to an invite from Hunter alum Mike Nizza.

Nizza launched in 2014 and is now an editor for Bloomberg Opinion. Since his graduation from Hunter in 2000, he’s worked in digital journalism and says he loves building digital products. “We are in the first five minutes of digital history—it’s still like the Wild Wild West when it comes to digital,” Nizza said, adding that these new technologies do make it a challenging time in terms of news literacy.

Nizza majored in political science at Hunter and when asked what he liked best about his college years, he said the student body. “It was eye-opening to me to be on such a diverse campus,” Nizza added.