Two Evenings with Skip Blumberg

Sponsored by the Department of Film & Media Studies at Hunter College
and The IMA Development Fund

Two Evenings with Skip Blumberg

Skip Blumberg Short Docs Retrospective
Location: HW 714; Wednesday, November 28th from 7:00 -9:00PM.
Presentation: A retrospective of Skip Blumberg’s career making short docs such as the triple Emmy-winning Pick Up You Feet: the Double Dutch Show, Flying Morning Glory, and shorts for Sesame Street. The evening includes screening, lecture and Q&A.

The Guerrilla TV Pioneers
Location: HN 502 Screening Lab; Thursday, November 29th from 6:00 – 7:30PM.
Presentation: Skip Blumberg discusses his work with groundbreaking guerrilla video collectives Videofreex, TVTV, and Ant Farm. The evening includes screening, lecture and Q&A.

SKIP BLUMBERG has produced and directed several hundred lively and engaging movies – specializing in cultural documentaries, performance, children’s learning, educational, development and fundraising videos, along with wide-ranging experience in indy filmmaking.

His independently-produced TV shows have appeared on: PBS, Showtime, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, TBS, Bravo, USA Cable Network, The Learning Channel, on international TV networks and have been excerpted on TV series, including Today, The Tonight Show, Bravo’s Mystery of Genius, and syndicated You Asked For It. Blumberg’s videos are free-wheeling and active in subject and style, with a distinctive honesty and warmth. His work has always been on the leading edge in the use of portable cameras, and achieves high production values on low budget with his works, which are compelling viewing.

Blumberg has produced and directed more than 150 shorts for Sesame Street, with at least one appearing every day. He has produced shows and segments for PBS series Great Performances and Alive from Off-Center with performers Michael Moschen, Spalding Gray, Women of the Calabash, Harold Nicholas, Robert LaFosse, Blondell Cummings, Keith Terry, and others, as well as a Donald Fagen music video for Warner Bros Records. He was one of the first one-person-crew camcorder reporters, and has produced more than one hundred solo camcorder reports for National Geographic Explorer, PBS’ THE 90’s and Signal to Noise, Chicago Slices, Sy-Fy’s Inside Space, and others. He was also among the original members of the pioneering video collectives Videofreex and TVTV.

Several hundred of his short movies are posted on-line on,,, and many others. His 1991 interview with Gil Scott-Heron and Michael Moschen’s Triangle, excerpt from a Great Performances Special, have gone viral on YouTube. His best-known independent production, the triple Emmy-winning Pick Up You Feet: the Double Dutch Show, is considered a documentary video classic. Many of his DVDs, including Nam June Paik: Lessons from the Video Master, Weekend in Moscow(unofficial art), and Interviews with Interviewers are available for home and academic viewing.

For further information contact:
David Pavlosky
IMA/MFA Special Projects Coordinator