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IMA alumna Laurie Sumiye screening in DOC NYC

IMA alumna Laurie Sumiye will be part of DOC NYC in the Then & Now Shorts program. title=”Facebook site Of Memories & Los Sures” She will be screening, Of Memory & Los Sures on Thursday November 21st. There will be a screening at 9:30PM at the IFC Center followed by an after party event at 11pm at 124 Rabbit Club on McDougal, near IFC.

Of Memory & Los Sures received press reviews and an interview from The L Magazine and The Hunter Word.

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IMA alumna Laurie Sumiye screening in DOCNYC

IMA alumna Laurie Sumiye’s short animated documentary, Of Memory & Los Sures , which she created during her collaborative residency at UnionDocs will be apart of the shorts program called Then & Now at DOCNYC on November 21st. Her short piece is an animated oral history of a traditionally Puerto Rican neighborhood in South Williamsburg that weaves fragments of childhood nostalgia and harsh realities of the past with unique glimpses into a collective memory of a place undergoing rapid changes.

photo and illustration of a movie screening at the park