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IMA graduate Sam Feder screening in London

IMA graduate Sam Feder will be screening Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger at the British Film Institute in London from March 21st to the 23rd. The film is a portrait of Kate Bornstein as an author, a performance artist, a gender theorist and a pioneering gender outlaw. Tickets can be purchased on the British Film Institute’s site.

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IMA graduate Sam Feder’s sneak preview of documentary

IMA graduate Sam Feder hosted a sneak preview of Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger at The Wild Project in the East Village. The film focuses Kate Bornstein, who is a performance artist, writer and trailblazing trans elder that lives life as a “gender outlaw” that deconstructs gender and binaries. Not only did Sam Feder want a film about a trans person that was more than just them being trans, yet also a documentary that featured a multi dimensional person and the positive impact the have on the world.