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IMA alumna Flonia Telegrafi featured for her work with young film students at Riker’s East River Academy!

IMA alumna Flonia Telegrafi featured by the New York Times for her dedication to Tribeca Teaches a class that instils the fundamentals of video production being taught in twenty-one schools throughout New York City and Los Angeles. Flonia currently facilitates the class being taught at Riker’s East River Academy. She takes pride in her students work and encourages each student to have their own voice.

View the article here: Young Inmates Find a Voice Through Short Films

IMA alumna Vandana Sood’s project

IMA alumna Vandana Sood’s project ‘The Taxi Takes On The World‘ will be an interactive online portal with user generated video content from taxis from around the globe. She will get a chance to launch a small chapter of this project at the next ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art) – Machine Wilderness in New Mexico where The Taxi Takes On The World has been accepted from 1500 submissions.