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IMA alumni screening “The Domino Effect”

IMA alumni Megan Sperry and Daniel Phelps will be screening The Domino Effect at the 2012 Greenpoint Film Festival & Williamsburg International Film Festival on Saturday 9/22.

There are two opportunities to see THE DOMINO EFFECT in September. THE DOMINO EFFECT is going to be screening as part of two great local film festivals, the Greenpoint Film Festival and the Williamsburg International Film Festival. Both festivals open on Thursday, Septmeber 20th 2012. THE DOMINO EFFECT will screen at BOTH festivals on Saturday 9/22. First, at The Greenpoint Film Festival at 12:00pm at 329 Greenpoint Ave. A five minute walk from the G Train at Greenpoint Ave. The Second screening will be at The Williamsburg International Film Festival at 5:30pm at Union Docs.