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IMA alumna Elizabeth Knafo’s screening in San Francisco

IMA alumna Elizabeth Knafo will be screening De Re Metallica in Psycho Geography as part of Other Cinema at ATA Gallery in San Francisco. The film is based at a small treasure hunting camp in the Mojave desert. As the men at Kokoweef camp search for a legendary river of gold, a fraught portrait emerges around the conjoined fantasies of wealth and religious-‘utopian’ quests. The screening will take place this Saturday, November 30, at 8:30PM.

photo of a man working with a hard hat
photo of a hand on a wire machine

Profs. Tami Gold and Sha Sha Feng present work at John Jay College

On October 22nd at John Jay College, Professors Sha Sha Feng and Tami Gold presented a work-in-progress entitled: SURVEILLANCE: Silence = Death, A response to Surveillance, Whistleblowers, Consumerism and Culture through Art. This presentation was apart of The Snowden Affair: The Surveillance State which was a symposium where the social, political, historical and cultural implications of the Snowden Affair were explored.

Photo of Snowden symposium with panelists