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IMA alumna Laurie Sumiye screening in DOC NYC

IMA alumna Laurie Sumiye will be part of DOC NYC in the Then & Now Shorts program. title=”Facebook site Of Memories & Los Sures” She will be screening, Of Memory & Los Sures on Thursday November 21st. There will be a screening at 9:30PM at the IFC Center followed by an after party event at 11pm at 124 Rabbit Club on McDougal, near IFC.

Of Memory & Los Sures received press reviews and an interview from The L Magazine and The Hunter Word.

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IMA student Chris Nostrand wins award for Garbage Girl

IMA student Chris Nostrand won the Terry Rouche Audience Choice Award for Garbage Girl at the Underexposed Film Festival in South Carolina. IMA student Kayoko Nakamura worked on Camera 2 on the film. Chris Nostrand has been documenting other events on his trip to the film festival on Garbage Girl Films on Facebook.