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IMA alum Dylan Gauthier’s artist talk

IMA alum Dylan Gauthier will discuss his exhibition, Artist talk: highwatermarks, at the Brandywine River Museum of Art in Pennsylvania. His art project is an immersive video and audio installation that presents a panorama on the course of Brandywine River and its surrounding communities. Gauthier will share insights about his research and documentation of the river and his work with Brandywine Conservancy staff throughout the course of his residency, and reflect on the role and power of art to shift societal perceptions of ecological issues.

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IMA alumni Sarah Nelson Wright, Dylan Gauthier, and Laura Chipley’s exhibit

Chance Ecologies title graphic with an photo of a woman in a nature preserveIMA alumni Sarah Nelson Wright, Dylan Gauthier, and Laura Chipley’s project exhibition, Chance Ecologies, is on view at Radiator Arts through Jan. 21s.

For the past seven months, Chance Ecologies has brought together a group of artists to explore the wilderness of Hunter’s Point South, Long Island City, Queens. The post industrial site stood in disuse for 35 years, allowing for a complex, contemporary ecology to develop. Over the course of the summer, Chance Ecologies organized a series of art events, workshops and happenings that invited the public to experience the site prior to being completely leveled in October 2015, as part of the Hunters Point South housing development project.

IMA alumna Alice Arnold’s Screening at Screen City, Norway

IMA alumna Alice Arnold’s film Shifting Views, will debut this week at Screen City, a public art exhibition in Norway. The festival explores different perspectives on how we construct and deconstruct cities and space and how we conceptualize the city through mapping.

Scenes from the film, Shifting Views