Research Tips for News Literacy Class

Tony Doyle
Librarian Tony Doyle shares research resources with News Literacy students.

Macaulay honors students in Prof. Sissel McCarthy’s news literacy class took a deep dive on how to find both primary and secondary sources for their final research paper with media studies librarian Tony Doyle.

Media studies librarian Tony Doyle takes Macaulay honors students on tour of research resources for their News Literacy course. Students will be writing about how they use their news literacy skills to find and evaluate news stories about a top issue of the day, like Medicare for all or arming teachers in schools.

The final research paper will showcase their critical thinking skills and their ability to come to an informed opinion on a complex issue.

Doyle shared several research tips with students and demonstrated how keywords “and”, “but” “*” (asterisk) and “!” (exclamation point) ” save time.

He also warned students that too many search terms will narrow your results considerably and that less is usually more when working with databases.