Prof. Tami Gold’s film “Juggling Gender” – 30th Anniversary

Prof. Tami Gold’s film – 30th Anniversary since the release of
Politics, Sex and Identity

JUGGLING GENDER is one of the first documentaries to explore sexual and gender identity through the portrait of Jennifer Miller, a lesbian performer who lives her life with a full beard. Jennifer works as a performance artist, circus director and as the “bearded lady” in one of the only remaining sideshows in America. The film explores the fluidity of gender and raises important questions about the construction of sexual and gender identity.

JUGGLING GENDER premiered at the New York Film Festival/Video Showcase in 1992 and has been played in over 250 film festivals worldwide.

Produced in 1992, this film continues to have great relevance in Women’s and Gender Studies, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Studies, Performing Arts, and Sociology.

To celebrate, Tamerik Productions is offering free streaming of STILL JUGGLING, a 25 minute video produced 15 years after JUGGLING GENDER was released. In STILL JUGGLING, Jennifer Miller discusses family, religion, gender, and “growing into proud beard ownership.”