Prof. Sissel McCarthy’s News Video Reporting students visit News12

news video reportingProf. Sissel McCarthy’s MEDPL 283 News Video Reporting students enjoyed a behind the scenes tour at News12 in the Bronx on Sept. 17 thanks to multimedia reporter Emily Lorsch. Lorsch, who studied journalism with Prof. McCarthy at Emory University, guided students through the newsroom, introducing them to producers, reporters, editors, and the assignment desk. She also gave students a crash course on how to read and operate a teleprompter at the same time while News12 meterologist Mike Rizzo, a.k.a Meteor Mike showed them how to use a green screen like a pro. News12 Networks is the largest 24-hour local television network in the country with news, traffic and weather channels serving the Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Hudson Valley.
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