Prof. Ricardo Miranda’s installation at Transitio_MX

Prof. Ricardo Miranda will be presenting the installation “A geography of being: una geografia de ser” as part of Transitio_MX, Festival de Artes Electrónicas y Video, 25 September through 4 October, National Center of the Arts, Mexico City. The festival consists of various exhibitions, workshops, lectures and discussions. Prof. Miranda’s work is part of the exhibition “Play ≠ Game [play[not]game] //Más allá de la caja negra (beyond the black box)” curated by Brian Mackern.

Ricardo Miranda's Installation at Transitio, MX
Since 2005, The National Council for Culture and Arts, through the National Center of Arts and the Multimedia Center, has been organizing the Electronic Arts and Video Festival, Transitio_MX, which has become Mexico’s most important platform for expression and contemporary practices in artistic creation that are linked to technology, as well as hybrid productions created by the merge of art, science, technology and humanities.

Play “A Geography of Being: Una Geografia de ser” online at:
or with Spanish subtitles at: