Prof. Ramin Serry’s Film

Streetlight Films presents

a film by RAMIN SERRY

Friday, February 18 – Thursday, February 24

reRun Gastropub Theater
147 Front St. DUMBO, Brooklyn


FRI 2/18 (7pm, 10pm), SAT 2/19 (7pm, 10pm), SUN 2/20 (12pm),
MON 2/21 (7pm), TUE 2/22 (7pm), WED 2/23 (10pm), THU 2/24 (7pm, 10pm)


Received a “Thumbs Up” review from Roger Ebert

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“Loveless” is a darkly witty urban comedy about Andrew (Andrew Von Urtz), a New York City commitment-phobic bachelor on the wrong side of forty who is stringing along his ex-girlfriend Joanna (Cindy Chastain) while he chases younger women. When he meets the sexy, secretive Ava (Genevieve Hudson-Price), Andrew becomes entangled with Ava’s strange older brother Ricky (Scott Cohen) and her bizarre, cult-like family, who divide their time between talking to their dead father and stalking Andrew. Comedy and pathos collide as the family’s absurd obsessions leave Andrew doubting his sanity and safety.

Set in New York City, LOVELESS stars feature newcomer Andrew Von Urtz, a nonprofessional-actor with a flair for comic improv. Andrew carries the film with a rare combination of wit, intelligence and emotional complexity. He is supported by an accomplished cast including Scott Cohen (“Kissing Jessica Stein,” “Gilmore Girls,” “The Other Woman,” opposite Natalie Portman), Gary Wilmes (Michael Winterbottom’s “A Mighty Heart”; the acclaimed Elevator Repair Service play “Gatz”), and another newcomer, Genevieve Hudson-Price (“The Wire”). Several other roles are performed by nonprofessional actors playing versions of themselves.

“Loveless” addresses the anxieties of Generation X as they face a looming confrontation with middle age. The characters’ gnawing emotional terror is handled with a mix of humor, pathos and suspense as Andrew struggles to cling to a phase of life when everything was exciting and possible. Stylistically, the film takes an intimate approach, with the camera following characters on their adventures through the dwellings and night clubs of downtown New York City. The film was shot on location in New York City and Long Island, and the city’s brooding presence is the backdrop as events begin to swirl elusively beyond Andrew’s control.