Prof. Demirjian will perform “Sound of Vision” at Ohio State University

Prof. Andrew Demirjian will perform Sound of Vision at Ohio State University on Friday, Oct. 30th to close the Fuse Factory’s Interventions exhibition.

an audience watching a black and white film of a man in a bowler hatSound of Vision explores the dynamics of audience perception as biofeedback from viewers is used to create a live soundtrack for silent films. Using EEG monitors on three audience members Andrew Demirjian translates their brainwave data to musical notes played by orchestral instruments. He performs a live mapping and mix creating solo, duet and trio combinations of their visual reception. Live musicians improvise to the sounds of the brainwaves creating a call and response between the visual, sonic and psyche. The piece experiments with the traditional film conventions by combining fiction visuals with non-fiction audio while inserting the role of audience reception to the viewing/listening experience.