MovieMaker Magazine reviews Prof. Mercado’s book, “The Language of the Lens”

moviemaker TLOTL review front page

MovieMaker Magazine, “the nation’s leading resource on the art and business of making movies and the world’s most widely read independent film magazine” gave professor Mercado’s recently published book in The Filmmaker’s Eye series, The Language of the Lens, a glowing review: 
“For the new moviemaking generation, The Language of the Lens can serve as a reference point of how some of cinema’s greatest auteurs make use of the lens, as well as a key for how to use the tool. After reading The Language of the Lens, moviemakers will be equipped with the ultimate knowledge to command any lens, from an iPhone to the most expensive glass money can buy”
Their full review can be found in their Summer 2019 issue, available at newsstands everywhere, and at the following link.