Interested in taking classes in the IMA-MFA?

Are you graduating this semester? Hunter College has a Summer Scholarship Application for Members of the Class of 2020 applying for graduate school for the Fall with all fees waived You are invited to take a summer course as non-degree students for the purpose of exploring graduate study.


If you’re graduating this June and interested to continue studies offered by the Film and Media graduate program,  Integrated Media Arts (IMA MFA) We have three exciting virtual courses on the schedule for summer that you could potentially take as a non matric student.

This is the link to our summer IMA courses:
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And if you are interested to apply to the IMA program in the future, and if you’re accepted, the classes you take as a non matriculating student, would become accredited and would be used towards your MFA degree.

The IMA program educates multi-disciplinary, socially engaged media makers in a diverse range of skills across the media landscape. Working with faculty from film, video, emerging media, animation, installation, performance and journalism backgrounds, students learn to conceptualize, create and distribute innovative, politically and socially engaged expression using contemporary media technologies. IMA students can also apply to teach Media 150 and Media 160.

IMA has courses offered in:

·  Documentary and Emerging Media Production
·  Producing, Directing, and Editing
·  Hybrid and Experimental Filmmaking
·  Narrative Strategies, Script Writing and Nonlinear Storytelling
·  Sound Production, Sound Design and Podcasting
·  Animation, Socially Engaged Gaming, VR, Augmented Reality
·  Physical Computing
·  Interactive Installations
·  Journalism
·  Innovative 1 credit courses taught by visiting artists
·  Theoretical courses about media history, art, activism +  society
·  Collaborative Media Residency
·  Adjunct teaching positions and Teaching Mentorships
·  Technical workshops and visiting artist events

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