IMA students and alumni films at DOC NYC

Program: All about Love
Thursday, November 10th 11:30am – Cinépolis Chelsea
The House of Labeija | Director/Producer: Fredgy Noël, Hunter College
Meet the House of LaBeija, a prominent ballroom family and safe haven for transgender women, queer people, and those in need of community.  (USA, 10 MIN)

Program: What Bonds Us
Thursday, November 10th 1:45pm – Cinépolis Chelsea
The Secret Sobriety Project | Director/Producer: Claire Kinnen, Hunter College
The Secret Sobriety Project explores the quiet side of sobriety—private moments of joy, and the connection and support the sober community creates for each other. (USA, 7 MIN)

Program: Portraits
Thursday, November 10th 4pm – Cinépolis Chelsea
At Home Among Strangers | Director/Producer: Asya Gorbacheva, Hunter College
This intimate observational portrait of Sasha Smirnov, a gay asylum seeker, explores the steep price of freedom after coming out publicly in Russia. (USA, 24 MIN)

Program: The Artists
Friday, November 11th 11:15am – Cinépolis Chelsea
Light Leak | Director: Nate Dorr, Producer: Zach Nader, Hunter College
Light is information, a signal more lasting than recollection. If there’s anyone out there to receive the message. (USA, 8 MIN)
Shadow Girl | Director/Producer: Azia Egbe, Hunter College
This experimental hybrid documentary addresses the erasure/invisibility and the anxiety surrounding identity while living abroad. (USA, 5 MIN) 
Hei’er | Director: Yehui Zhao, Producer: Andrew Felsher, Hunter College
Director Yehui Zhao uses a mannequin to embody the spirit of Lin Hei’er, the leader of the Red Lanterns who resisted colonial invasions during late Qing Dynasty, China. (USA, China, 21 MIN)

Program: Life in the Big Apple
Friday, November 11th 4pm – Cinépolis Chelsea
Bach at Noon | Director/Producer: Emma Rose Brown, Hunter College
Since September 11th, 2001, New Yorkers have been taking refuge in a brief, daily, sea of sound pouring from the cavernous interior of Grace Church. Hidden from the bustle of Broadway, the “Bach at Noon” concert series offers respite from our troubled city. (USA, 9 MIN)