IMA Alumna Hillevi Loven’s project

IMA Alumna Hillevi Loven’s documentary Radical Love, following the story of a punk Evangelical lesbian coming of age in rural North Carolina, launches its Kickstarter 10K fundraising campaign this week!

Brief Synopsis of the Documentary Film: Radical Love
Radical Love follows the journey of Spazz, an Evangelical lesbian
teenager from rural North Carolina. Deserted by her girlfriend who
joins a family values church, Spazz goes on a quest for an accepting
spiritual home. She hopes for two things: to find love again and to
find a place of worship that will allow her to reconcile her Christian
upbringing with her progressive politics and simple desire someday to
live as an openly gay woman. The microcosm of this spiritual search
serves to personalize the larger divisions within our culture as well
as the evolving nature of conservative Christian morality.