IMA student Chloe Smolarski’s documentary

IMA student Choloe Smolarski and Tasha Darbes PHD student at NYU team up to work on a documentary – “Admissions“.

Admissions from chloe smolarski on Vimeo.

The economic crisis heralded in a wave of anti- immigrant rhetoric, the Dream Act got national coverage but finally failed and public education continued to experience massive cuts. 

Admissions follows the stories of four immigrant students as they pursue a higher education in NYC and Mexico. The documentary shows how the students face, and creatively respond to, obstacles such as the limitations of being undocumented, being forced to leave college, and separations from loved ones. We examined the psychological effects of exclusion and the emotional realities of globalization. Their narratives defy simplistic explanations, and as they unfold send a far deeper message of strength, struggle and resolve. We have tried to get beyond talking heads and ‘us’ versus ‘them.’ The use of beautiful shots and innovative imagery make this film unique.

They are launching a Kickstarter campaign (an on-line fund raising platform-it’s easy!)