IMA student Betty Yu’s installation WORKShifts

After eight weeks of research, six curators from the NLE Lab present their site-specific and community responsive exhibition, Through the Parlor, in a former beauty salon in Chinatown. IMA student Betty Yu’s exhibition Workshifts is an interactive installation that will be apart of the opening reception this Friday the 8th. It will be featured for 5 weeks.

When: 6:00-8:00PM
Where: 24 Rutgers St. between Henry and Madison
Exhibition Duration: November 8 – December 14

WORKShifts: Race, Labor and Defining Ourselves
an interactive installation project by Betty Yu

WORKShifts: Race, Labor and Defining Ourselves is an interactive installation that merges Betty Yu’s family’s immigrant work experiences and the painful history of economic racism of the Chinese community in the U.S. These images of her family, racist caricatures and illustrations of the Chinese “coolie”, and stories of struggle and resistance dating back to the 1880’s help shaped who she is as an artist, a media justice organizer, and community member today.

The show will include “The Garment Worker” an ongoing interactive media project that focuses on the daily life of a garment worker and the hardships she/he encounters working in the garment sweatshop industry. Through the integration of a sewing machine, video and audio, “The Garment Worker” provides a rare look into garment working conditions that immigrants workers face in New York City through first hand stories, testimonials, facts and through the personal lens of the artist and her family.

A photograph of two lines with photos hanging from them

a photograph of a room with Chinese decorations