IMA student Annie Berman’s screening

IMA student Annie Berman participated as a fellow/resident of the UnionDocs Collaborative, Looking at Los Sures, an interactive documentary project.
Looking at Los Sures: Organizing Space
An installation and ongoing open workshop.
Open nights October 15 – 23 from 7:00-11:00pm.
306 Union Ave, South Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

They are taking over an empty storefront to create a workshop on the block. For 9 evenings, they will have an open talk about the history of neighborhood.
Everyone is welcome!
Oct 15- Opening night & benefit party starts at 8pm.
Oct 19- Closed for public Los Sures screening.
Oct 21- Special discussion with Los Sures Director Deigo Echeverria.

Check out the space, learn more about the project, watch some films, and share stories or memories about the neighborhood. If you’d like, you can have a free professional portrait taken. Come with photos and home movies shot in the neighborhood to share and we’ll happily digitize them for you.

All this will take place at 306 Union Ave, every night from October 15 to 23 from 7 to 11pm. Documentary artists from UnionDocs, invited community leaders, and spontaneous drop-ins will gathering each evening in the space. Tea, coffee, and snacks will be served to fuel an ongoing series of conversations and activities.

This event is presented by UnionDocs, a Center for Documentary Art based in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. UnionDocs has begun a three-year project on the neighborhood that revisits Los Sures, a documentary film by Diego Echeverria from 1984 and creates a constellation of companion projects that will update, annotate, challenge, and spiral off from the original. The result will be Looking at Los Sures, an interactive, multi-layer documentary that seeks not just to extract important stories from the place, but to also create new shared histories, to deeply enhance local awareness, respect, and tolerance, and to stimulate relationships between neighbors.