IMA Radio Show

Sam Feder, Sasha Wortzel & Cassie Wagler

IMARadio 1 (download mp3) (1st show)
Marty Lucas (Director of IMA) talks about his current documentary Hiroshima Bound.
Vandanna Sood (IMA alum ’09) talks about her thesis project Taxi Takes.
An experimental audio piece by Kate Kunath

IMARadio 2 (download mp3)
Esy Casey and Melissa Hacker (IMA students) discuss cinesalon — the monthly screening series and social hour showcasing woman filmmakers, which they curate and organize.
Melissa also discusses Ex Libris — her thesis documentary.

IMARadio 3 (download mp3)
Daniel Cowen (Hunter Student) talks to IMA Radio about producing CUFF- the City University Film Festival
Tami Gold (Film & Media Professor) talks to IMA radio about her recent documentary, “Passionate Politics”

IMARadio 4 (download mp3)
Natasha Florentino (IMA student) discusses her documentary made in the IMA program, “Rezoning Harlem”
Audio piece: “The Sound of Poker” by Liz Knafo

IMARadio 5 (download mp3)
Ryan Joseph (IMA student) talks to IMA Radio about producing the art festival Subversive.
Audio piece by Mary Jeys, “Stock Market Crash”

IMARadio 6 (download mp3)
Kathy Conkwright (IMA student ) talks to IMA Radio about her new feature documentary, (funded by ITVS), Southern Belle.
Audio piece by Graham Atkin, Chris Moyer, and Sasha Wortzel, “Turning Points ”

IMARadio 7 (download mp3)
Michael Gitlin (Film & Media Professor) talks to IMARadio about his new documentary “The Earth Is Young”.
Audio piece: “Turning Points Part II” by Fountain House members

IMARadio 8 (download mp3)
Flonia Telegrafi & Angela LaSalle (IMA students) discuss the documentary they began in the IMA program, “Growing the South Bronx”

IMARadio 9 (download mp3)
Ben Moss ( IMA student) talks to IMARadio about producing the IMA Spring Show among other screenings at Hunter.
Laurie Sumiya Filiak (IMA student ’10) talks with IMA Radio about her thesis project “Struggle for Existence”.

Sha Sha Feng (IMA Alum ’07) and Clarisa James (IMA Alum ’07) discuss the grassroots community organization they cofounded, DIVAS (Digital Interactive Visual Arts Sciences) for Social Justice.