IMA-MFA fall ’19 thesis show

IMA MFA Thesis show 2019 poster

Wed., Dec. 18 | 6-8PM
Hunter North, 4th floor
Lang Auditorium

Free and open to the public


*Accessibility: Ramp at 69th St., elevator on 4th floor, elevator on 5th floor for Q&A and reception.

Projects by three graduating students:

A wave sloshes over most of the image, filling the bottom half of the frame with dark blue water, while the top half shows a mostly cloudless sky with a gradient that starts at the horizon and dissolves from pink to white to light blue.

The Whelming Sea  
Sean Hanley
The Whelming Sea is a short documentary that explores the moments of entanglement between humans, migratory birds and horseshoe crabs as they make their livelihoods in an increasingly crowded coastal landscape.

A white woman with blonde hair, shown in profile, covers most of her face with her arm. An open caption on a black bar with yellow text appears over the image that reads: “Wiping my eyes because I am now crying.

Shared Resources (Contractual Obligations)  
Jordan Lord
Shared Resources (Contractual Obligations) is a feature-length documentary that follows the trajectory that led from the filmmaker’s father’s career as a debt collector to the tremendous amount of debt their family is now in. Reframing the dependencies that undergird the relationships between children and parents, debtors and creditors, documentary filmmakers and the people whose lives they document, the filmmaker and members of their family each narrate, describe, and react to what is shown and not shown of their lives. The film is audio described and open-captioned.

People with umbrellas, in the streets as they look over the ground.

The Collaborative Urban Resilience Banquet (The C.U.R.B.)
Candace Thompson
The C.U.R.B. is an interdisciplinary media and activism project that reconnects urbanites with our fragile (and oft-displaced) food web as we face a climate crisis. Candace documents her process learning about/with/from the plants and animals that survive and thrive in her post-industrial neighborhood a half-mile from a Superfund site. What can we do to make our streets clean enough to eat off of in the future? Part multi-species storytelling, part citizen science experiment, guests follow her findings via Instagram (@the_c_u_r_b) and at 4 annual community ‘banquets’ foraged from the streets of Brooklyn and beyond. For this event, Thompson will offer a brief presentation of her research, including a tasting of Gingko cheese, Curly Dock Crackers, and Mugwort ale foraged from the greater New York area. Participants will also get to assist in the process as she tries her hand at making acorn flour for the first time. The C.U.R.B. is a mutli-platform documentary series with a playful, approachable, (non?)humanist look at how we can address the climate crisis through what we eat- and how we treat- the oft-overlooked nature all around us. It’s time to consider the more-than-human world as resilience role models, collaborating with them to create local, sustainable food webs for all. Perhaps there’s still time to eat one another away from the brink of extinction.