IMA alumni Sarah Friedland and Ryan Joseph’s screening at DCTV


The Rink
Fri 9/28, 7:30pm

Branch Brook Park Roller Rink, located in Newark, NJ, is one of the few remaining urban rinks of its kind. This concrete structure is nestled in the pit of a hill bordered by public housing and a highway. Upon first glance, the exterior resembles a fallout shelter; however, the streamers and lights of the interior are reminiscent of 1970s roller discos. Serving extremely diverse subcultures within Newark, the rink is a microcosm of the city that surrounds it.

The Rink tells the story of Branch Brook Park Roller Rink and the people who call it home. This vibrant film depicts a space cherished by skaters and a city struggling to move beyond its past and forge a new narrative amidst contemporary social issues. The Rink illustrates a space transformed and its symbolic representation to those who use it.

Join us for this special preview screening followed by a Q&A with filmmakers Sarah Friedland and Ryan Joseph, and Newark artist Jerry Gant.

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