IMA alumni Melissa Nicolardi and Kalim Armstrong’s screening

IMA alumni Melissa Nicolardi and Kalim Armstrong screen their work at Videology July 22nd at 7 PM – The Pass It On Project.
scenes from Pass it On Project

About the film
The Pass It On Project  follows a group of middle school students on a road trip from Brooklyn to the sites of the Civil Rights Movement during the summer following President Obama’s 2008 election victory.

The program’s goals: to broach candidly the history and legacy of racism in America, critically examine the ‘post-racial, dream-fulfilled’ narrative that proliferated after the 2008 Presidential Election, empower students’ sense of ownership over their education, and most importantly, provide a forum for both students and teachers to define their place in the ongoing struggle for civil rights.The film documents the group’s semester-long preparations and follows them as they leave the familiar environments of school and home to embark on this transformative journey.

Told through the eyes of the students and teachers, interwoven with first hand accounts from surviving Civil Rights heroes, this coming-of-age story explores issues of education, race and social justice through characters that span three generations.  It presents an alternative to textbook learning, including the challenges and triumphs. Ultimately the film demonstrates the power of experiential learning, storytelling, and living the hard questions – especially with regard to history and social activism. This film reminds us that if we have the courage to discuss it, our nation’s past can inspire us to stand up for a more just future.