IMA alumnae Sarah Friedland and Esy Casey win Best Cinematography at LAAPFF

Congratulations to IMA alumnae Sarah Friendland and Esy Casey for winning Best Cinematography at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival! The award was for their documentary film, Jeepney.

Image of IMA alumnae Sarah Friendland and Esy Casey

Description from Jeepney website:

“JEEPNEY visualizes the richly diverse cultural and social climate of the Philippines through its most popular form of mass transportation: vividly decorated ex-WWII military jeeps. Unlike mass transportation in many parts of the world, jeepneys are not a government service but are individually operated by the drivers, who manifest their identity, values, and dreams in its painting and decoration. The stories of a jeepney driver, artist, and passenger take place amidst nationwide protest against oil price hikes that pressure drivers to work overseas to earn a living. Lavishly shot and cut to the rhythm of the streets, JEEPNEY provides an enticing vehicle through which the rippling effects of globalization can be felt.”