IMA alumna Heidi Boisvert’s project

AND bring an expressive virtual world populated by corporeal sounds and generative imagery from dancers’ bodies to a wider audience.

[radical] signs of life is one of the first large-scale uses of biotechnology to integrate networked bodies and interactive dance.

Through responsive dance, [radical] signs of life externalizes the mind’s non-hierarchical distribution of thought. Music is generated from the dancers‘ muscles and blood flow via biophysical sensors that capture sound waves from the performers’ bodies. This data triggers complex neural patterns to be projected onto multiple screens as 3D imagery. As the audience interacts with the images produced, they enter into a dialogue with the dancers.


1) The project feature’s the Xth sense, a biophysical sensor that detects and captures sound waves produced at the onset of musculature contraction. It was named the “world’s most innovative new musical instrument” by Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (US, 2012).
2) The project has received limited funds from Harvestworks’ Creativity + Technology = Enterprise Fellowship to develop the wireless network & stand alone armband for the Xth Sense, enabling dancers’ the freedom of mobility. This will be the first open source, wearable, wireless biotechnology that everybody will be able to build themselves for free, hack or buy kits.
3) Participated in an Artistic Residency at the Contemporary Dance and Fitness Center in Montpelier, Vermont, which granted rehearsal space to develop the choreography and culminated in a work-in-progress showcase of [radical].
4) Further developed the multi-disciplinary aspects of the project (sound, movement, imagery, set, costumes & networking) over a five day period at the Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center (EMPAC), and had a two day, sold out premiere of the work. Documentation coming soon!

To support the project, see Kickstarter: