IMA alumna Annie Berman’s film will be exhibited at the RIXC Festival

RIXC_anniebermanIMA alumna Annie Berman’s 2015 film UTOPIA 1.0: Post-Neo-Futurist-Capitalism in 3D! will be exhibited at the RIXC Festival in Riga, Latvia. The twenty-minute film takes place at the abandoned virtual 3D world known as Second Life, where Berman sends her avatar in to investigate the decline of this utopian world.



RIXC Festival is an internationally renowned gathering for artists and scholars working at the intersection of arts, digital humanities and science. The main festival exhibition will feature the most innovative artworks that experiment with augmented and virtual reality, create immersive environments, and explore complex relations between the “virtualities” and “realities” of the post-media society with its networked communities and migrating cultures.

October 19 – November 28, 2017
Arts Academy of Latvia, National
Arts Museum, kim? and RIXC Gallery, Riga