IMA Alumna Andrea Callard’s Screening

11 thru 12, 1977
Andrea Callard
11 minutes, Super 8mm Sound blown up to 16mm

56th Short Film Festival Oberhausen on April 30, 2010 5PM
Österreichisches Filmmuseum – The Austrian Film Museum, June 7 2010 4PM
Orphans Film Symposium 2010 April 9 2010

11 thru 12, and Flourescent Azalea, two super 8mm films from 1977, have been preserved by the National Film Preservation Foundation and the Fales Library & Special Collections (NYU) with BB Optics, Colorlab, and Trackwise.

11 thru 12 is sometimes spelled 11 through 12 or 11-12.
It uses the structure of the I Ching, objects in nature or commerce, and words to have both the measuring mind and a sense of the infinite.