IMA alum Sean Hanley’s film screening

IMA alum, Sean Hanley is screening his thesis film, The Whelming Sea at the 13th annual Imagine Science Film Festival on Sat., Oct. 17th as part of the shorts program titled “Animals Speak Up.”

The collection of films in the program ask the audience to engage with the world from a non-human perspective. The Whelming Sea will close out the program line-up by focusing on the entanglement of shorebirds, horseshoe crabs, and human infrastructure during the phenomenal migrations that take place in New York City every spring. The film features the work of IMA Alums Kaija Siirala (sound design), Kevin T. Allen (sound mix), Fivel Rothberg (location sound), and Alex Mallis (score).

Animals Speak Up Shorts film program
13th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival | Sat, Oct. 17 | 11:00AM | Film program / Q/A

How well do we understand the animal realm: their behaviors, sounds, and patterns? If animals adopted a semi-human condition and could speak, would we listen to what they had to say? With these seven short films we invite you to see the world from their perspective.

All programs are free to watch on the festivals streaming platform

Three animal lives entangle at the edge of the sea. Horseshoe crabs spawn on eroded urban beaches, migrating shorebirds seek sustenance at a midpoint, and humans attempt to make a difference in this age of mass extinction.