iARTmix: art + sound + tech

iARTmix 2018 posterDrop by and experience student work in web, sound, art and technology!

Weds, May 2nd
1:30-3PM (Free and open to the public)
TV Studio (HN436) & Blackbox (HN543)
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Featuring student work from:
Physical Computing · Interactive Art Installation · Sound Environments

located in the TV studio:

Physical Computing (MEDP 349 / IMA 767)
“Morse Code Learning Machine” – Lyle-Anthony Aigbedion and Nicky Zou
“Mirror, Mirror” – Monica Romero & Bhurin Sead

Interactive Art Installation (MEDP 355 / IMA 765)
“Land of Carnival” – Keka Marzagao
“The Nuclear Arms Race: A Prisoner’s Dilemma” – Philip Rosenbaum
“The Three Chord Wonder” – Sylvia Scahill

Sound Environments (IMA 780.81)
“Proliferation Of Chatter” – Edward Kijowski

located in the Blackbox:
“12 Chairs/Day” – Girard Tecson, Eddy Kijowski, Lauren Smith, Erika Gregorio, James Kogan, Rola Szyada, Scarlett Lingwood, Candace Thompson

Special thanks to techtern Jihye Ahn for graphic design.

Photo of iARTMix show
iARTMix show
Photo of Sylvia from iARTMix 2018 show
“The Three Cord Wonder” – Sylvia
Photo of Monica and Lyle-Anthony from iARTMix 2018 show
“Mirror, Mirror” – Monica, “Morse Code Learning Machine” – Lyle-Anthony