Hong Kong /New York – Student Film Festival and Exchange

HK NY 2019 event poster

Hong Kong /New York – Student Film Festival and Exchange

The Department of Film and Media Studies at Hunter College is pleased to announce “HK/NY Borders.” This upcoming event will bring together students and faculty from Hunter College with a group visiting us from the Film Academy of Hong Kong Baptist University, one of East Asia’s premiere film schools, for an exciting evening featuring the work of undergraduate and graduate students from each program.

Wednesday, April 24th
4 PM Screening | Lang Hall (HN424)
7 PM Reception | TV Studio (HN436)
Location: 4th floor, Hunter North Building
Enter at 69th Street between Lexington & Park Avenues

For more info, please contact: Prof. Marty Lucas

Please join us on April 24th in the Lang Auditorium, Hunter North, 4th floor. The screening will begin at 4PM, followed by a discussion with the students at 6PM. There will be a reception at 7PM in the Hunter TV Studio / HN436. The program will feature a dozen short films around the theme of “Borders,” six from each city. We believe you will find this motif is productive for sparking interesting intersections between experiences in two large cities where students come from many backgrounds. This is an unusual chance for our students and faculty to meet their peers from another public university film program in a city that is a vibrant hub of media making. This is now the 2nd annual event of what has proved to be a fruitful ongoing exchange, one that will continue in November, when our students will be traveling to Hong Kong.

Featured will be half a dozen short films by students from Hong Kong and a similar number of works by our own undergrad and grad students. Students are taking the “Borders” theme broadly, with work that looks at borders between nations and cultures, but also borders between life and death, childhood and adulthood, sanity and dementia, not to mention binaries of gender and sexual identity. We believe the work of these students gives proof of the power of film to explore these complex but fruitful spaces. Hunter students whose work will screen include Nadia Newell, Hannah MacDonald, Melissa Lent and David Chen, Jaylin Pressley, and Joaquin Palma, as well as Nadia Mohammed, Zoya Baker, Fernanda Faya, and Anne-Sofie Nørskov.

Gallery of the Hong Kong/New York Student Film Festival.