Emerging Media Lecture – Oksana Chepelyk

Oksana Chepelyk
Emerging Media Lecture

Location: HN 502

Oksana Chepelyk was born in Kiev /Ukraine/, where she lives and works
today. She studied Art in Kiev (1978-1984) followed a post-graduate
course in Moscow (1886-1888), Amsterdam University (1995), the New
Media Study Program at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada (1998), a
Post-Doctoral study at Bauhaus Dessau, Germany (2000-2002). She had
residencies: CIES in Paris (1995), CREDAC, Paris (1996), Cite
International of Arts, Paris (1997), MAP, Baltimore, USA (1997),
ARTELEKU, San Sebastian, Spain (2001), FACT, Liverpool, UK (2001) and
Weimar Bauhaus, Germany (2003). She has got the Fulbright Program
Award (USA) in order to develop artistic research at UCLA (2003-2004
and 2010-2011). As an artist she was awarded with grants in France,
Germany, Spain, USA, Canada, England and Sweden (1992-2011). Her work
has been shown at MOMA, New York; Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb,
Croatia; German Historical Museum, Berlin and Munich, Germany; Museum
of the Arts History, Vienna, Austria; Museum of Contemporary Art,
Skopje, Macedonia; Museum of Jurassic Technologies, Los Angeles, USA

She has been working with experimental video films since 1994. Her
films were shown and awarded within different film, video and new
media festivals: in Kiev, New York, London, Tallinn, St. Petersburg,
Osnabruck, Montecatini, Linz, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Oberhausen,
Liverpool, Belo Horizonte, Karlovy Vary /A category/, Chisinau,
Weimar, Tel-Aviv, Ankara, Pesaro, Santa Fe, Stuttgart, Barcelona,
Berdiansk, Sebastopol, Sarajevo and Clermont-Ferrand. She has got
Werklietz Award 2003 at EMAF, Osnabruck, Germany. Since 1993 she has
organized 11 curatorial exhibitions (Ukraine, France, USA, Canada,
Brazil, Kazakhstan and Germany), 15 solo exhibitions in Europe and
America, and participated in a number of joint exhibitions (Russia,
Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, France, USA, Sweden, Croatia, Brazil,
Austria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina). Since 2003 Oksana is a
leading researcher at Modern Art Research Institute of Ukraine and
author of the several articles and one book “The Interaction of
Architectural Spaces, Contemporary Art and New Technologies”. In 2007
Kiev. In 2007 she is a recipient of the ArtsLink Independent Projects
Award (USA).