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IMA Radio: 4th Show

IMA Radio: Sam, Sasha & Cassie | Live Weds. 11am-12pm

This Week’s Show

Interview with Natasha Florentino

Natasha discusses “Rezoning Harlem” — the documentary she produced
with fellow IMA student Tamara Gubernat

Audio piece: “The Sound of Poker” by Liz Knafo

Liz: “For this piece I interviewed a man who makes his living playing
online poker. I wanted to document the sound of the digital
interfaces/environments that he spends the majority of his time
interacting with and sustaining himself by.”

Two WORD Writers Win Awards

Hannah Miet, won a 2009 Murray Kempton Award for Undergraduate Journalism for her piece, “I’m Drinking Red Bull ’Cause I Want Your Body: Diatribe of a Disgruntled New Yorker,” which was published in the Envoy.

Jessica Lawson, CUNY BA, writing for the WORD, won a 2009 Murray Kempton Award for her piece published in the WORD, “Bushwick: Ethnographic Profile of a North Brooklyn Neighborhood.”