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Emerging Media Student Meeting

Emerging Media Student Meeting poster

Emerging Media Student Meeting

For current student interested in Emerging Media

Weds. Oct. 20 | 1:15-3PM (in person & online)
in person:  TV Studio (HN436)
online recording:

Students are invited to learn about the Emerging Media curriculum in the Film & Media Department and to meet some of the faculty. Faculty will answer questions that you may have about classes. The curriculum may be found on the Media Studies major page.

Robert Henry Stanley’s latest publication

Making Sense of Media book front and back covers

Making Sense of Media
The overarching focus of the text’s ten chapters is on the measures to control media content and contain potential meanings, from the printing press and podcasts to streaming services and social media sites. In varying ways, each chapter considers the diverse control and containment mechanisms. These include official church and state censorship, partisan press priorities, right to copy restrictions, state and federal court mandates, statutory restraints, movie, radio, and television formats and formulas, advertiser and public relations ploys, and the prevailing attention-selling prototype. A central consideration is how the profited-minded custodians of evolving media techniques and technologies—private corporations, hedge funds, and transnational conglomerates—affect depictions in news and entertainment fare of the rich mosaic of colors, cultures, and communities long comprising American society.

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