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F&M Student Andres Otero’s documentary selected for GIAA Festival

The documentary “A Light for Child Care” made by Hunter parent and Film student Andres Otero was selected to screen at the 2010 GIAA Film Festival!

“A Light for Child Care” is an official selection of the 4th annual GIAA Festival of Short Films & Videos ( The festival will take place Fri Oct 1 through Sunday Oct 3 at Anthology Film Archives, 2nd Ave and 2nd St. in Manhattan.

Prof. Ricardo Miranda’s project in Santiago

Prof. Miranda completed a project in Santiago, Chile.

Miracle of Chile is a multifaceted art project investigating Milton Friedman’s famous phrase “Miracle of Chile.” In 1981 Friedman declared the phrase to reflect a transformation of Chile’s economy through a neoliberal formula of privatization, deregulation of markets and cuts to social spending.
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