2nd Issue of The Bridge launched

The students of the Spring 2011 Magazine Writing class in the Film & Media department have launched the second issue of The Bridge, our class’s magazine devoted to the cultural and artistic aspects of Hunter College. See: http://www.hunterbridge.com

This semester’s issue spotlights student musicians at Hunter, and contains our student writers’ reviews and critiques of the contemporary cultural scene.

In one of our Student Spotlight profiles, “Hunter jazz singer powers her dream at the Emmy’s” Damaly Gonzalez tells the story of Samantha Martins, a sophomore and member of Hunter’s Jazz Vocal Ensemble, who earlier this year performed at the Emmy’s Lifetime Achievement Ceremony for legendary civil rights activist and former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young. See: http://hunterbridge.com/2011/04/forever-21-chinatown-of-fashion/

In “Hunter rockers learn their licks on YouTube,” Rich Hatibbon writes a profile and cultural exploration of the new phenomenon of music lessons via YouTube videos, showing how Hunter junior Daniel Orona first learned to rock by finding instructional tutorials online. See: http://hunterbridge.com/2011/04/rockers-learn-guitar-on-youtube/

In our The Critics section, Magna Blemur asks: “The Simpsons: How many more years of ‘D’oh’ do we need?” See: http://hunterbridge.com/2011/04/thesimpsons. Other student critics take on new music albums, popular TV shows, and more!

Damaly Gonzalez, also The Bridge’s fashion editor, continues her able reporting and writing in “Forever 21: a fashion steal?”, a cultural expose of a popular clothing chain among Hunter students and that makes $3 billion a year by knocking off expensive labels. This story is notable for Damaly’s Photoshop graphics that compares $700 items with their $17 knock offs. See: http://hunterbridge.com/2011/04/forever-21-chinatown-of-fashion/

The Bridge’s fashion section is also planning a “Runway on the Bridge” photo blog, giving capsule profiles of Hunter fashionistas and highlighting their eclectic sense of styles.