Month: August 2023

Prof. Isabel Pinedo’s new book published

Book Cover of "Camp TV of the 1960s: Reassessing the Vast Wasteland" by Professor Isabel Pinedo

Prof. Isabel Pinedo’s new book Camp TV of the 1960s: Reassessing the Vast Wasteland was published on June 22, 2023.

About the book:
Camp TV of the 1960s is the first cohesive study of camp on television that considers the various forms it took during that critical decade. It reconsiders American prime-time programs that drew significantly on aspects of camp such as Batman, The Monkees, The Addams Family, Bewitched, F Troop, British programs including The Avengers, and programs not often associated with Camp TV like Snagglepuss. In addition, specific chapters consider how musical codes convey camp humor, camp’s openness to reappropriation by queer communities, and how camp’s multiple meanings allowed for more conservative readings that led to its mass dissemination by the seventies.