Month: March 2022

Journalism student Niamh McAuliffe wins the 2022 Pulitzer Reporting Fellowship

Niamh McAuliffe alongside Kem Sawyer
Hunter College’s 2022 Pulitzer Fellow Niamh McAuliffe
alongside Kem Sawyer, the director of the Pulitzer
Center’s Campus Consortium Fellows Program.

Every night after setting the dinner table, Niamh McAuliffe would turn on the T.V. and watch the evening news with her family. Although she came to Hunter as a student undecided about her future, McAuliffe had an inkling that those dinners would play a big role in her life.

“I have always had a subconscious connection to journalism,” she said.

Motivated by this connection, McAuliffe decided to explore what journalism meant for her and registered for a few media classes in her first semester. Those courses piqued her interest so much that she couldn’t help but register for more media focused classes. After connecting with the journalism program, McAuliffe realized that she had found her true calling. 

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