Year: 2016

IMA student Rachel Brown’s short film screening at POWFest

Still from the film showing a person putting on a glove while sitting on a bikeIMA student Rachel Brown‘s film, Yes I Rode Here, will be screened on March 5th in the Documentary Showcase at POWFest in Portland, Oregon.

Ayesha, Chana, Cristina, Denise, Leigh and Siji prepare for riding their bicycles in New York City’s brutal winter weather. During the process of layering up they discuss the burdens and benefits of winter cycling. YES I RODE HERE documents the interior world, both mental and physical, of these women who ride year-round.

IMA graduate Seyi Adebanjo facilitating the James Baldwin’s America series

Photo of James BaldwinIMA graduate and Bronx-based artist Seyi Adebanjo is facilitating the James Baldwin’s America five part reading and discussion series presented by Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance! (BAAD!).

The series delves into the work of acclaimed writer and public intellectual James Baldwin who spoke about the tense relationship between America’s democratic ideals and our fraught racial history.

Mondays, February 1st – 29th at 6pm.